To set up Fave Money, users have to go to the Fave Money page and tap on “Continue”. This will start a process of sending an SMS from the user’s phone after which their account will be ready for use.

Getting “Account not found” error message

Users first have to register with Thomas Cook to start using Fave Money. If they try setting up Fave Money without registering with Thomas Cook, they will get an error message.

Other possible causes of this error

1.    Please make sure you are entering the same number you registered with Thomas Cook

2.    If you have completed the process with Thomas Cook and are still getting this issue, please wait for 5 mins and try again.

3.    If you are not able to log in, please contact the Thomas Cook agent and check the status of your Fave Money Account

Getting “Account setup failed” error message

There are multiple reasons this error may be happening.

1.    The user selected the incorrect SIM while sending the SMS

a.    In this case, the user should press “Continue” again and select the correct SIM for sending SMS

2.    There was a technical error from our side

a.    In this case, the user should press “Continue” and send the SMS again.

Getting “Token expired” error message

This message means that the user took too long to send an SMS after tapping on “Continue”. In this case, the user should press “Continue” again and send the SMS quickly.