At present, Fave supports login to the Fave app through mobile number only. In order to set up your account with Fave, you should be able to send and receive SMS.

International phone number

International users who have already registered with Thomas Cook only need to enter their mobile number to log in to Fave.

Indian phone number

Users with an Indian Phone number (starting with +91) can login using phone number and OTP regardless of whether they have been registered with Thomas Cook. However, they can use Fave Money only after registering with Thomas Cook.

Users first have to register with Thomas Cook and exchange currency with Fave Money. If they try logging into Fave without registering with Thomas Cook, they will get an error message.

1.    Please make sure you are entering the same number you registered with Thomas Cook

2.    If you have completed the process with Thomas Cook and still getting this issue, please wait for 5 mins and try again.

3.    If you are not able to log in, please contact Thomas Cook and check the status of Fave Money Account